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Bank Loan Officers Skip Training

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Monopoly ManLoan officers nationwide are now required to take a very tough exam to maintain their license and ability to originate loans under a new act called the SAFE Act. We at Churchill think this is great news for our industry!

This move sets the standard for every loan officer to possess a level of knowledge for our industry as well as the regulations that govern mortgage lending. At Churchill, our loan officers spend over 20 hours in training for this exam, and they all must pass. Over 1/3 of the loan officers nationwide fail this test the first time, which tells you it is no pushover test.

Why Are Bank Loan Officers Exempt?

Strangely enough, loan officers for commercial banks are not held to the same standards. (

So a loan officer that fails this test could go straight to a bank and start working again as a loan officer, without having to pass that test. Something seems very strange about that, but big banks have been fighting for years to eliminate the competition in the marketplace from lenders like Churchill, as well as mortgage brokers. The competition provided by lenders and brokers has helped keep mortgage rates low in the market, created a much more diverse group of mortgage options for customers, and kept the big banks from monopolizing the marketplace.

As Dave says, “Whoa, this is just another reason why Churchill is the only mortgage company I recommend. They’re experienced, knowledgeable, and they’re held to a higher standard. You can trust Churchill.”

We are so honored to have Dave’s exclusive endorsement, and each employee at Churchill understands providing excellent service to everyone that contacts us is the only way Dave will continue to enthusiastically refer his listeners and viewers to Churchill Mortgage.

We look forward to having the opportunity to serve you!

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