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Building Your Home

Many people put more time into choosing their next DVD player than they do researching what they need to know about having a new home constructed for them.

The overwhelming nature and enormity of all that goes into home construction can seem like such a huge undertaking, and trying to learn anything about this process can feel too time consuming in our already busy lives.

This leaves many people depending on the homebuilder for major decisions because they feel unqualified to make construction-related decisions.

Well, it doesn't have to be like that. Get informed with our Home Building free report and relieve the stress caused by the unknown.

According to industry sources, over 70% of homebuyers want a new home as opposed to an existing home. New construction-focused buyers might be attracted by the allure of "brand new," but you should be prepared to ask the right questions before signing anything.

Topics covered when you contact us:

  • The Building Process
  • Who Is The Sales Agent, And What Do They Do For You?
  • What Do You Need To Know About The Model Home?
  • What You Need To Know About The Contract
  • What Are: Escrow Accounts? Certificates Of Occupancy, Punch Lists, Surveys?
  • The Importance Of A Home Inspection
  • Why Builders Don't Like To Reduce Prices, And How To Negotiate The Same Value

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