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Selecting A Realtor

Whether you live in Nashville or not, the scenario below will still hold true for you. In Nashville, there are nearly 5000 Realtors. What you probably do not know is that the National Association of Realtors tells us that in 1-5 years, 87% of those Realtors will have left the business.

That is a national statistic. You would not trust your health to the first medical student who came along with a scalpel.

Neither do you want to trust the biggest purchase of your life to someone who is part time and just scrambling for a commission check.

You will end up either seeing a small amount of the actual possibilities available for you, or end up wasting time looking at homes that are not what you want. Or worse, you could get all the way to the contract phase, only to find out the rookie Realtor does not have much contract writing or interpretation knowledge.

And let's face it - the Contract and how it protects you is a critical service the Realtor is supposed to provide to you. Being in the mortgage business, we deal with scores of Realtors.

Our president, Mike Hardwick, often speaks at seminars all around the country that are attended by the top Realtors is North America.

We can often refer you to a great Realtor in your area, so you don't have to "wing it" and rely on an advertisement.

If you are in need of a Realtor, call us at 1-866-722-7922 to locate a quality Realtor in your area.

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One Of The Largest Financial Decisions Of Your Life

When you are making one of the largest financial decisions of your life, you need to work with someone that is willing to spend time with you to help you understand the process and your options. No matter your experience level or your financial picture, you still need a caring, knowledgeable professional that keeps up with the changes that regularly occur in the mortgage industry.

Our Purpose is to deliver the highest standard of information, resources, and service to everyone that contacts us, and to do so with integrity and accuracy. This allows our customers to confidently recommend their acquaintances, friends, and family members to us for their mortgage needs. Count on us to deliver exceptional service you will want to tell others about.