Why Does Dave Ramsey Endorse Churchill Mortgage?

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Dave Ramsey explains why he only endorses Churchill Mortgage

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Customer Testimonials

Here Is A Sample Of What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say About Their Experience With Churchill Mortgage

Jason- I'm a new fan. The little things like prompt call-backs, following up...things you won't get with the big guys. I'm telling everyone I know. Thanks!
- K y l e C /Texas

It's hot in Texas Dave but Churchill is HOTTER! We wanted to let you know how impressed we are with them. We contacted them LAST Saturday & locked in TODAY on a 4% rate. We couldn't be happier! Mason with Churchill has a been awesome to work with and made everything a breeze. Thanks!
- Michael & Melissa M.

Jason: The experience exceed my expectations. The process went better than expected. Pam Phillips and Chris Yarrington were both helpful and responded to all inquiries in a timely manner. I cannot say enough about their help in this process. I was kept abreast of the entire process and was alerted to issues that could arise. Overall just an excellent experience. Hats off to both Pam and Chris for their help. I have already spread the good word about Churchill to my friends and will certainly recommend your company to anyone needing assistance in the financing of a mortgage. Thank you.
- Tim M. /Texas

Thank you Jason. I believe Bill Elling will be a great help, if and when my wife Annie and I decide to follow up with our plans in either remodeling or just buying a new home. As Dave Ramsey admirers, your Company ranks first with any financial decisions we will be making. Thanks so much again
- JB/Texas

So far, our experience has been great. Bart gave us 2 very good options to consider and I look forward to moving forward with him this week. Thank you,
- Kristan S./Texas

Good morning, Jason. I had a great conversation with Sam on Saturday. Sam Elder called me @ 2PM on Saturday afternoon. I was pretty surprised to hear from anyone over the weekend. Sam was quite friendly and responsive to my inquiries. He made a great first impression for Churchill.
- James C./Texas

Mr. Dickson, Your Churchill team has been very helpful and also advise the possible scenarios; so we can take the best option available. Great job!!
- Claudia M./Texas

Jason, Randy has been excellent. No complaints here. Thanks,
- Andy K./Texas

Thank you, Jason. Randy and Sam have been great so far! I appreciate the follow up.
- Olivia/Texas

Bill Elling is doing a great job for me. I intend to proceed with the refinance with him.
- Joel G./Texas

You are awesome. Somehow forward this to your supervisor or something - word-class service, you are very good. I am grateful. I am supposed to get a counter back today re: repairs, etc. Hopefully this will all proceed very soon.
- Steven G./Texas

The absolute best in the company for the month of July was Karla Chandler in our Dallas office. Karla, thank you so much for stepping up and taking great care to submit clean, complete files. It makes a huge difference.
- Churchill Mortgage Corporate Office compliment to Texas Region Churchill Office/Texas

Karla, I spoke to Ms. Garrison today and she is so appreciative of everyone who has participated in making this loan happen for her and her 3 boys!!! She is truly grateful and wishes she could actually meet you in person, because you were such a Doll, and a pleasure to work with! I told her we loved working with you and your whole office is great to work with!! Great job!!
- M.Park/ Escrow/Closing Officer TX.

Everything went well as planned last night. I just wanted to thank you for your unbelievable customer support through this refinance. It went smooth as can be and you and your coworkers did a great job. Dave Ramsey was right once again!
- Brandon C.

"It is our distinct honor to provide a letter of professional recommendation for Brenda Gartrell. During the past two months we have become acquainted with Brenda through a mortgage refinance. As intricate as the loan process can be Brenda diligently paved the way and made the workload very light for ourselves. We observed her patience with both ourselves and the other parties involved. With each step of the loan she provided written communication to keep us abreast of each action involved. Also, prior to the onset of the process Brenda ensured we had documentation of her previous experience. This resulted in our feeling a high level of confidence in her ability. Along with Brenda, the staff at Churchill Mortgage exhibits professionalism that cannot be found elsewhere in the marketplace."
- Dean and Elizabeth S.

"I have to tell you, I am very impressed. Dave Ramsey referred me to Churchill and the experience is more than I expected. Even though the Loan Officer, Stephanie Christian, could have tried to sell us a high interest loan, she didn't. Instead she advised us to pay down some debt and take care of some dings on our credit so we can get a much better interest rate later on. For the first time in my life I received advice, geared towards the best interests of my family, from a mortgage company no doubt! We weren't denied, we were informed how to create a better situation and more options for ourselves. I will definitely use your company for our mortgage once we get better prepared. Thank you!"
- B. Wilkerson

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"I am very pleased to be working with Mr. Les Clayton. He has been very informative, helpful, and has gone the extra mile to help us get approved for the right loan for us!"
- D. Simpson, TN

"I am very impressed with Les Clayton and Churchill Mortgage. The entire refi process was actually a pleasure due to the FAST service and High Quality professionalism demonstrated by Les. He is an asset to your company."
- M. Lewis, MS

"Extremely Helpful, She (Stephanie Christian)answered all the questions I had and was very courteous. I felt like a customer that was appreciated. No one that I talked to at Churchill had the "banking industry" mentality of arrogance, a welcome change and a pleasure to do business with. My refinancing was SEAMLESS. Thanks!"
- D. R. Edwards, KY

"Churchill provided me with outstanding service for my home refinancing needs. I came in to (Lee Dozier's) office, brought the paperwork needed and discussed my loan, and was approved for my loan all in one sitting! Two weeks later, I closed on my loan , and reduced my interest rate by 1.75% . What an awesome company!
- Dr. D. Futrell, Nashville, TN

"I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciated all the work you did on my behalf. It was hard to find someone who really cared about my situation and was willing to do whatever they could to help, but then I found you (Teresa Smith) and it really was a blessing! Thank you so much for not giving up until you found someone who was willing to take a chance on me. This loan will really help me straighten out my strained financial situation. Now I can get my head above water. Thank you so much for all you've done."
- A. Langford, Mississippi

"Recently my husband and I decided to refinance our home. We had tried to refinance through other lenders and w ere turned down at the very last minute. We were getting very discouraged and had decided to try one more time. We listen to Dave Ramsey and had been hearing how he recommends Churchill Mortgage so we gave them a call. I talked to Brenda Gartrell at Churchill Mortgage and she told me what I needed to do to get started with the process. After being turned down at other finance companies were weren't very hopeful at first but Brenda Gartrell fought for us and did everything possible and was able to get us refinanced at a lower interest rate. We are very thankful to her and Churchill Mortgage for giving us a chance.

Brenda Gartrell is one of the nicest people you will ever talk to and work with online and over the phone. Even though we never met her in person we feel like we have known her for a very long time and feel we have a friend at Churchill Mortgage.

Personally we would recommend Churchill Mortgage and Brenda Gartrell to all our friends, relatives and anyone else who may need a home financed, refinanced, or help with credit scores. Brenda Gartrell will do whatever she can to help you and seems like she will do it with a smile on her face. Sincerely impressed;
- Julee and Kevin M.

"I have financed two homes and not until I refinanced with Doug Walker and Churchill Mortgage did I truly understand every area of the process. Doug was so informative and truly showed an interest in wanting me to understand what was happening throughout the process. He seems to genuinely enjoy giving his customers the BEST! I felt that I could completely trust his word."
- Linda K., Murfreesboro, TN

Thank you all for your many kind words, and for taking the time to write to us about your experience.

Your continued referrals and repeat business are the greatest compliment that we can receive!

Jason, I wanted to take the time to recognize a few employees that have helped me through this process.

First of all, my initial inquiry was handled by Mason Whitehead and he has continued to help along the way. He has been very professional and quick to respond. I have been very pleased with his attention to service.

Secondly, Karla Chandler has been helping me with assuring we have all required paperwork to complete the file. She has worked late, sent numerous emails and follow-up phone calls to ensure the process goes as smooth as possible. I really appreciate her cooperation with me in helping move the process forward.

If you can please forward these positive comments to their supervisors to ensure they recieve credit for their jobs very well done I would appreciate it.

thank you,

Shane I.

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